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Let Corpus Christi Catholic Church administer your family’s sacraments properly, and give them the grace they deserve. Through sacraments, members of the community have an opportunity to express their eternal love towards God. Holy Sacraments are a great way for people to step out of their daily lives and remind themselves that they are still believers. Be in touch with us today and swing by for a visit.

Divine Healing

Divine Healing

A Sacrament Worth Mentioning

Corpus Christi Catholic Church performs Divine Healing with grace. It is a great opportunity to rekindle a strong connection with God and our Savior. Some of our members who have experienced the sacrament in the past swear that it was a turning point in their religious lives — and remember it as a shift in which they became true believers.

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Angel statue

A Holy Ceremony

Funerals are a big turning point in any Christian’s life. Celebrate yours at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, and make it a beautiful and holy occasion. Certain sacraments are not the same without your loved ones around. That is why we offer each member the option to reserve our space for each of their sacraments — because family should be there for the most important moments in life.

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Religious Objects

At Your Convenience

Matrimonies can help believers renew their vows with God. For people who have lost their way in the holy path of life, sacraments are a virtuous option to get back on track and remember our mission towards God. Come to Corpus Christi Catholic Church for your Matrimonies, and always remember that no human life is meaningless in the eyes of God.

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